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According to the web documentarians at Know Your Meme, the term Supercut is defined as a video montage made of overused movie or TV platitudes.  

If you’re a real nerd like I am, you can dive straight into the genre’s history here.  To spiral even further, you can find a full database of supercuts over at Supercut.org.

All you really need to know is that I used these gigs to justify the embarrassing amount of time I spend watching Law & Order SVU on Netflix.

I started editing supercuts for AOL’s Welcome Page, which made me look successful in eyes of parents who still used AOL at the time.  These covered all the hard-hitting topics (Animals Running on Treadmills, Frightening Santas, Double Rainbows) and solidified my status as “a person who knows about the Internet.”

I’ve contributed supercuts and mashups to a few television campaigns, including a series that ran on social platforms during Dexter’s final season.

Since 2011, I’ve compiled and edited over 30 supercuts for web culture blogs Slacktory & My Damn Channel.

With over 2 Million YouTube views, the more popular ones have been featured on Buzzfeed,  Gizmodo, GothamistHuffPost Comedy, AVClub, The Atlantic, The LA Times, Jezebel, and many more.  Fast Company even interviewed us to get all of our secrets.

You can watch them all in the playlists below.