The Real L Word: Somer Fridays


Showtime’s challenge was to create a raw, relevant look at issues in the LGBT community through the eyes of a cast member from The Real L Word.  We cast musician Somer Bingham, a snarky prankster with the uncanny ability to stray off topic at a moment’s notice.  In a traditional interview this would be a any producer’s nightmare, but Somer’s rants were invaluable fodder for “Somer Fridays.”

The first set of “Somer Fridays” aired during the show’s third season.  From July through September, ‘Somer Fridays’ racked up over one million views and was featured prominently on LGBT blogs such as Huffington Post Gay Voices and After Ellen.

Because the series was so successful, a second run featuring the show’s west coast cast was filmed on location in Los Angeles.

Credits: Writer, Producer, Editor, Animator